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Living Food Farm

Ron has two goals for this farm.

1. Never add any chemicals

2. Never give up.

Ron Johnson, who says,"I was a sick boy when I was younger, but I thought I was like everyone else." Growing up, he ate an unhealthy diet filled with processed foods; rarely did he eat living food. He was weak and fragile, breaking his leg twice and visiting doctors more.
Living Food Farm (LFF) believes strongly in focusing on the soil's health first before producing high quality crops. LFF also believes that the human body and the soil are similar. Our bodies need to be fed with high-nutrition foods to make sure we stay healthy. If we more.moremoremoremoreoureadksdjfkslbodeventually go downhill over the years. This is similar for the soil: it must be fed with nutrition to ensure that it will help grow healthy vegetables and fruits full of nut

Living Food Farm is a place you can trust!

Ron holds the greatest respect for soil, weather, and the living breathing plants.

Learn more about our founder, Ron Johnson.

Living Food Farm (LFF) is a small holistic farm business located in the beautfiul surroundings of northern Minnesota. Chemical-free since 1979, the LFF garden is filled with vegetables and fruits that are high in nutrient density. LFF's passion is seeing people improve their health by having trust in and understanding of LFF's products.

About Us

The raw and cultured vegetables contained with Living Food Farm's Raw Vegetables Powder (RVP) are from our own high-quality soil. Our Vegetables are grown on the farm in chemical-free soil, and consist of shredded cabbage, carrots, and beets. After fermentation with Celtic Sea Salt for 7 to 10 more.