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Living Food Farm

Be like a deer!

Alfalfa and sub-soil

In this video explain how our products process. Plus a testimonial by Jamie Clark who visited LFF in 2012.

LFF's history

Where did LFF get the water for the garden? Learn more about our irrigation water system.

Why is Nutrient Content So Important?

ASL Videos

American Sign Language Videos

Cabbages and soil 2017

Fence was completed!

Ron explains what is RVP/RVAP.

Ron explained why he loves using sub-soiler for his soil.

1,200 lb to 60 lb of cabbages

My mother: how RVP helped her digestive.

Workshop part 2

Ron loves using mist blower to feed the nutrients to his garden!

Kale harvest 2017

Deer on Living Food Farm's crop