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Living Food Farm

Beginner's Program

For the first two weeks:
*One teaspoon after breakfast
*One teaspoon after Lunch
*One teaspoon after Dinner

We recommend you that you take one teaspoon of Raw Vegetables Powder (RVP) after every meal you eat. RVP is made of raw and fermented vegetables that contain digestive enzymes. They break down the foods you eat and make it easier for the foods to flow through your digestive tract.

If your body happens to react to the RVP and you don't feel good, reduce your intake of Raw Vegetables Powder to 1/2 teaspoon after every meal. However, if you start feeling unwell, this is a good sign because this means your body is responding to the RVP by eliminating bad bacteria and such.

I took RVP daily for two weeks and I don't feel anything?

Since we cannot see what you do as you consume the RVP, there could be several factors ranging from an unhealthy diet to the products you use in the home. We always recommended that customers participate in the body cleansing process before moving onto the next step. The average American carries seven to ten pounds of fecal matter and toxins in their colon. Over time, this can become clogged, leading to illness. For more information, visit [link]. Meanwhile, give the RVP time to work; some people notice immediate improvement, while others notice it over months.