The magic nine words are the keys to happiness and longevity. If you want to have LOVE and JOY in your healthy, happy life, the other seven words will get you there. How we treat our bodies is key to LOVE and JOY, and we need to repeat these seven words throughout our lives.  

  1. Do you give PEACE to your body by eating healthy foods and drinks? Or do you eat unhealthy foods/drinks that make your organs, blood, tissues, cells and other parts work twice as hard? Working that much harder gives no PEACE to the body, mind, and spirit.
  2. When your body is sick, do you rush it to heal and set high expectations for a speedy recovery, or do you have PATIENCE and nurture your body until it gets well in its own time? If you rush your healing, your body won’t heal completely.
  3. Do you treat your body with KINDNESS? Do you stay active by exercising and breathing fresh air daily, such as walking, running, swimming or other physical activities? If you do not perform any physical activity, you are not giving KINDNESS to your body.
  4. Do you provide GOODNESS to your overall health? If your body aches, do you ignore it, or do you show concern and try to heal your body naturally? Do you cleanse and detoxify you body to get rid of toxins (badness)? Doing so is an act of GOODNESS to your overall health.
  5. Do you have POSITIVE in your attitude? Are you cheerful for no reason, laugh when you make a mistake, forgive others’ mistakes, smile at strangers, and enjoy life fully? Appreciate what you have. This is POSITIVE attitude. If you obsess over things, never forgive, or are angry along with a negative attitude, this will be destructive to your health. 
  6. Do you provide GENTLENESS to your heart and body? Help an elderly person cross the street. When you help others, this does good things for your heart and soul. Instead of being self-centered, sabotaging other people, or showing no mercy to humans or animals, open a door for a stranger, show empathy for other people, and simply stop and help. This will affect how healthy your heart is.
  7. Do you have good SELF-CONTROL with foods, drinks and your attitude? Do you have willpower in not eating junk food, knowing they do more damage than good to your body? Balancing your eating habits with a good attitude and a sharp mind is an act of SELF-CONTROL. This is also true for stress levels; if you are under heavy stress and blow up at innocent people, this will cause your health to go downhill. Practice SELF-CONTROL by trying to de-stress for at least five to ten minutes with mediation. This gives you time to stay calm and take control. 

To improve, practice any or all of the seven words to accomplish real LOVE AND JOY! That’s the magic of these nine words!

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