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Living Food Farm

Our Philosophy

Living Food Farm (LFF) believes strongly in focusing on the soil's health first before producing high quality crops. LFF also believes that the human body and the soil are similar. Our bodies need to be fed with high-nutrition foods to make sure we stay healthy. If we eat unhealthy foods, our bodies eventually go downhill over the years. This is similar for the soil: it must be fed with nutrition to ensure that it will help grow healthy vegetables and fruits full of nutrition.

In the picture on the right side, the long roots are what can be found in LFF's soil; the short roots are what most commerically farmed soil contains. When heavy machinery packs the soil, the roots have a harder time to grow deeper and therefore receive less nutrition from the soil . This then leads to low-nutrition density. LFF's roots run long and deep, and help grow the healthiest vegetables and fruits possible.

In 1979, LFF banned all chemicals from its soil and products. We believe the soil takes at least 10 years to be fully chemical-free which is eight years more than the requirement of two or three years for certified organic products. Our farming philosophy lies solely in the soil, which is enhanced every year with green manure, natural minerals, and a subsoiler that breaks up the soil as deep as three feet. We don't use heavy farming machinery or equipment in the planting to harvesting periods. Hard work, time and consistent attention on our soil has enabled us to grow outstandingly high-quality crops that our bodies and health benefit greatly from.