Bob Stokes

Ron's siblings: Left to right. Leonard, Nancy, Ronald, and Ken.

Grandma Paulson, died at age 107.

Living Food Farm founder Ron Johnson, who says,"I was a sick boy when I was younger, but I thought I was like everyone else." Growing up, he ate an unhealthy diet filled with processed foods; rarely did he eat living food. He was weak and fragile, breaking his leg twice and visiting doctors regularly.

"I was in great grief when my Deaf brother Leonard died from heart disease when I was 15 years old. I slowly grew to accept it because everybody said it was normal that people got sick and died. I thought I would die just like Leonard, because I was sick with heart disease, too" he recalls.

A doctor ordered Ron to take heart medicine for the rest of his life. When Ron was 20 years old, his friend Bob Stokes told him, "You're sick because of what you eat. It's causing your body to increase the risk of getting chronic diseases or heart problems. White sugar, soda, candies, and white bread are not good for your health." Astonished at what Stokes said, Ron decided to prove his doctor and other people wrong. Throwing his heart pills in the trash, he began consuming only healthy food. He also began vigorously studying the works of health advisors such as Dr. Bragg and V.E. Iron.

With a newfound understanding of nutrition's impact on the body and how the body worked, Ron realized what he was up against. "It was not easy at first, because my body was so addicted to the medicine I had taken for most of my life, but I refused to give up. It took a few years and the transformation was amazing. I was stronger for the first time in my life," he says. Marrying Shirley Hottle of Kansas, Ron and his wife began their new healthy life on the farm. They agreed on two things: they would never add any dangerous chemicals to their soil, and they would never give up even if they failed in their efforts.

In the beginning, LIving Food Farm was in terrible shape. The soil was full of overgrown weeds, and bugs invaded the soil. There was also no irrigation. It took years and years to nurture and cultivate the tough soil. With green manure, minerals, calcium and other organic approaches, the "sick" soil is now healthy and has allowed for the growth of delicioius vegetables and fruits.

With this success, LFF developed Raw Vegetables Powder (RVP), filled with probiotics and nutrition. The combination of RVP with Barley Grass Powder has had a major positive impact on people's health. Both products grow, ferment and go through a powdering process on the farm. All the ingredients in the two products come directly from LFF's rich soil.

Ron owes much to his role model, his grandma, who passed away at the age of 107. She shared two simple secrets: Be happy, and eat food from your own garden. Today, LFF is motivated to share its lessons and experiences about living products and natural healing.

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